Prometheus: The Fire Thief


Prometheus – The Fire Thief is an action adventure retro game set in ancient Greece. As the player you assume control of the titan Prometheus. After stealing the fire from the Gods of mount Olympus, Prometheus must travel all across Greece and outside its borders, battling hideous mythological monsters to gain access to mount Olympus once again. Once there he seeks to have revenge on Zeus who has turned him into a mortal. Prometheus is the first commercial title released by Magical Hackers, and is available now on Steam!

Prometheus – The Fire Thief is a nonlinear game in which you as the player have to determine the best way to progress throughout the different areas. As you gain items your quest will take new twists, in other words, this is a metroidvania style game. Prometheus is made in a retro style, but attention has been made on making the game mechanics welcoming, for example you can save at any point in the game. The main games Prometheus is inspired by are the NES games Battle of Olympus and to a lesser degree Zelda II – The Aventure of Link.


  • Monstrous bosses to fight
  • Wide assortment of enemies from mythology
  • Artifacts and weapons to collect
  • Retro gameplay and graphics, all original
  • Save feature
  • Controls configuration
  • Original soundtrack by Dan Butler
  • Genuine areas from Greece and outside its borders
  • Action Adventure gameplay


hades1lycia4kolchis3Pro 0.3-1