Circa 1996 me and three of my junior high buddies developed games under the name Magical Hackers. We made the games exclusively in the programming language Qbasic, and among them were fine titles such as a space sim Star Wars-game, a classic arcade-style shoot ’em up and others. 17 years later Magical Hackers rises from the ashes, with me Servadac as the head honcho. Skyman who is one of my childhood friends from back in the day has contributed to the company’s first creation Mega Man 42. Magical Hackers focus on retro style games at this time, formerly NES-style games, but currently we have branched out to other platforms such as arcade games. Eventually we will develop modern games as well, in some cases with retro-inspired gameplay. Right now Magical Hackers consists of Servadac, programmer, graphics artist and game designer and Dan Butler aka SpookGoblin, composer and resident audio engineer (freelance member).